You can then peak behind that excess 2-3″ and slide the wallpaper in place until you get a match. After you’ve marked the top of your paper, then use a measuring tape to measure the length that you’ll need. I typically add another 2-3″ on the bottom of the wallpaper to give me a little room for error/excess that I can trim to get a perfect fit. Most wallpapers repeat their print every 24 or 36 inches. This means every so many inches you’ll see the pattern start over. You may initially think about using the corner of the room as a starting point and possibly placing your wallpaper plumb in the corner.

Remember, most of the houses back then have slate plastered walls. We were fortunate enough to have solid plaster over them. I re-papered with oil cloth quality paper cause that was what was going to hold the house together once the old stuff was not there when peeled off. I did not have to take it off my large rooms (dining/living) but did the heavy treatment back.

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Hanging wallpaper isn’t quite as complicated as you might think. It’s time to stop nervously eyeing up those rolls you got and start to hang. Follow our step-by-step guide and learn how to prep a wall for wallpapering, how to hang up wallpaper like a pro, and how to fix common wallpapering mistakes. Booking is the process of folding the paper in on itself. It allows time for the paste to activate and the paper to soften. Fold the paper so that when you unfold it, you’ll be working with two-thirds of the panel.

  • Moreover, it also has decent categories of wallpapers to choose from.
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  • Or, splice together your favorite still images of you and your friends with this tongue-in-cheek “Can’t take them anywhere” lockscreen template.
  • If you’re already familiar with setting a GIF as wallpaper then you might know where this is going.

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Make additional marks on the wall as needed, and use a pencil, yardstick and level to very lightly make a guideline. Apply painter’s tape outside the line, or below where the bottom of your stencil will be. If you want to get creative when updating a room, try adding wall borders as an accent.

After 10 to 15 minutes of drying time, run a paper roller along the seam in short up-and-down strokes. With ROMAN wallcovering installation products, you can save time and make wallcovering installation more efficient and effective. Our wallcovering adhesive formulations offer the features you need for a wide range of wallcoverings. Whether you need extra tack or better slip, we have the wallcovering installation adhesives you need to simplify the process. Our innovative installation tools also help easily prepare, hang, smooth, and cut wallcoverings during installation. For a more effective wallcovering project, choose our tried and tested products.