You may have consulted with an Outdoor Lighting Company to plan and install your home plant nursery lighting outside, but when it comes to lighting your baby’s nursery you need not be all that scientific or technical about it.

Simplicity is the key here. Don’t get too bogged down in the placement of your lighting or the colors of bulbs you select. There are two things to remember, comfort and safety. That’s all you need to worry about and when you put both of these things front and center as you consider your lighting options, you will find that your baby’s nursery is a soothing place of love and serenity.

5 Helpful Tips for Lighting Your Babys Nursery

1. Softer Lighting

Everything about the nursery should exude warmth and relaxation. Use this guideline for when you select your bulbs and fixtures. For the former, go for bulbs that create soft light, nothing too harsh or cold as this kind of light can make your baby feel elevated levels of discomfort and stress. A warm hue is always best.

As for the latter, choose fixtures that don’t leave the bulb exposed. Seek out something with diffusing qualities that is fully enclosed.

2. Layered Lighting

The functionality of the room should always be a contributing factor to your lighting scheme for the nursery. You may want to have multiple types of light in the room so you can adjust your illumination to fit any occasion. Softer, subtle lighting for when the child is lying in his or her crib or crawling around on the floor for playtime, brighter lighting for when you need to change a diaper or clean up a spill on the carpet.

Some homeowners choose to install a dimmer switch which allows for one fixture to do the work of many and light the room as bright or dim as they see fit.

3. Get Creative

Your lighting need not be limited solely to traditional ceiling or wall fixtures. Fun little lamps in the shapes of animals or wall-hung lighting that has an artistic flair are also ideal for use in a nursery. Your nursery doesn’t have to be boring in order to be useful.

4. Common Night Lights

5 Helpful Tips for Lighting Your Babys Nursery2

Regardless of the lighting you install throughout the room, nothing beats a good old fashioned night light to help you see at night and keep your baby feeling safe and comfortable in the dark. You have a wide range of options available; some are standard lights you plug in and switch on an off, others are a little more high-tech, with sensors that trigger the lighting to switch on and off by itself.

5. Stay Safe

Above all, think safety first. Don’t place any type of lamp in the nursery that can get knocked over and fall on your infant. This means most floor lamps are probably out of the question, as are table lamps with long cords. Bulbs are another concern, as many incandescent bulbs can become very hot to the touch, potentially burning your baby. Go with LED or CFL alternatives that remain cool for use in lamps that are within arm’s reach of the child.