Are you looking for a present to give to your dearest mom on a special occasion like birthday or Mother’s Day? This can be a tedious task because moms are special and you want to give her all the best things that she deserves. So choosing “the one” can be a bit challenging.


Do not worry because in this article we will give you some ideas to help you come up with the best present that she will love and of course, present that will best express your love for her.



  1. Home appliance – most moms love buying new home appliance like a new Smart TV, new oven, air conditioner or whatnot. This is a kind of gift that your mom will surely love and be excited about. Thus, you should start looking around the house and see what appliance she needs to replace or perhaps a new home appliance that she really likes to buy. She will love this for sure!
  2. Bag – women love bags and this is a sure winner when it comes to gift. Pamper your mom by giving her a new designer bag that she’s been eyeing to buy for a long time. She will be ecstatic indeed. You might want to start saving money as early as now to be able to give her this lovely gift. But of course, if your budget does not allow then you can opt for less expensive but still beautiful bag.
  3. Jewellery – another great gift idea is a piece of jewellery. Moms love their accessories whether gold, silver or diamonds. This is indeed the kind of gift that will make her feel loved and special. You can buy her a new pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet. Choose a design that will fit her style and personality. You can also choose a design based on her zodiac sign or perhaps her birthstone. You can also go old school by choosing her initials as pendant or charm for the bracelet.
  4. Personalised card – you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money to make your mom happy on such special occasion. You can come up with a more personalised gift like a personalised greeting card just like when you were young and you used to give her cards with your drawings or cut-out pieces. This will bring back so many fun memories for her. So why don’t you bring out the creativity in you and come up with a customised greeting card. You should write a message for her and basically tell her how much you love and appreciate her.
  5. Home-cooked dinner – lastly, you can surprise her by cooking all her favourite dishes. For a change, you should cook for her since it’s her special day. She will be very happy and proud.


Those are some ideas for the best present for your dearest mother. You can choose Samsung 65 inch Smart TV at Harvey Norman or buy her a new luxury bag or come up with a personalised greeting card, the most important thing is that you express that you love her and how special she is to you.