When you are shopping for carpet, you want to be sure you are putting in something that is going to last. Finding the right kind of carpeting materials that can withstand the type of wear and tear that comes from routine foot traffic in any size home is already imperative, but choosing the best carpet for kids is an even tougher nut to crack.

Let’s face it, kids can be particularly rough on just about anything in the home, but carpeting is much more susceptible to showing the lingering effects of spills and accidents that can occur. If you are not careful, even the smallest messes can stick around for years to come in the form of stubborn stains that just won’t lift, even after you’ve called in carpet cleaning brunswick ga.

The trick is to identify a carpet material that is ready to stand up to the type of abuse that kids are capable of dishing out. Color and carpet style are important, of course, but you want to be sure your carpeting has been designed and manufactured to offer the important features that can help you safeguard the fibers from damage of all kinds.

So, before you head out to the carpet store to browse through swatches and samples, consider these important factors in the decision-making process. That way you know your carpet will be ready to take on all of the challenges that kids represent:

The Best Carpet Fibers for Kids

The Best Carpet Fibers for Kids

When you think of your carpet, you think of the fibers along the surface. These are the main contact for all the foot traffic any carpet receives. They are also the first components to feel the brunt of any mess or spill that takes place. So, you want a fiber that can weather any kind of crisis.

The best choice for fiber is to go with something synthetic over a natural material because synthetics are a lot easier to get clean than the alternative. They are also much stronger and resilient, while retaining its color over longer periods of time.

Most synthetic carpet fibers are composed of nylon, which is ideal for fighting off the type of long-term damage from all kinds of mishaps. Polyester is another good option as it remains soft and feels comfortable and warm against bare feet while offering good resistance to aggressive foot traffic and multiple spills.

The Best Carpet Colors for Kids

Most parents are under the mistaken impression that a carpet that is very dark or very light will be the best defense against the havoc that kids can wreak against a carpet. But going with something too dark or too light will only show off dirt and stains instead of conceal them. So, skip dark colors like midnight blue or black, and don’t ever go with bright white.

Instead, try a deep blue, a gray, beige or other neutral tones for your home. These will make it easier to conceal those stains that don’t lift fully, while allowing you to clean up a lot more effectively.