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Can you Enjoy the Luxuries You’re Used to in Student Accommodation?

prolog December 16, 2013

It’s that time to start sending out your applications to the various universities you want to apply for. This is a great time of excitement but also trepidation. Waiting for replies and working hard to achieve enough points can be very stressful, but it’s not worth letting it get you down. Put the hours into your study and you should be able to reach your goals. You may also be worried about where you’re going to live and if you’re able to afford those home comforts and necessities you’re used to such as the Internet and digital television.

student Can you Enjoy the Luxuries You’re Used to in Student Accommodation?

Where are You Going to Live?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make, outside of the course you want to take and the location of the university, is the type of accommodation you’re going to choose. You don’t have to make your final decision for many months yet but it is time to start thinking about your options.

You basically have three options open to you. You can move into student halls, live out of the halls in a shared house or flat or if you are studying close to home you can remain living with your parents.  There are pros and cons with each one, but it is worth going through them all before you make your decision.

Student Halls

Student halls are the ideal transition if you’re worried about going it alone. You will be in a safer environment, the provisions will be decent and you will have access to broadband too. The negatives include not being able to dictate your own rules, you won’t be able to smoke or be loud at 3am. You’ll be told what to do to a degree and if you’re looking for complete freedom in your life the halls of residence may not suit you. You may be limited on the television channels you’re used to. There’s a high chance your options will be extremely limited to what is available on campus. However, you can always move out if you get there and find out you are not happy with your choice.

Living with Your Parents

If you don’t want to get into a huge amount of debt and are studying in your home town or close by you could stay with your parents. The obvious downside is the fact that you’re not making a break for independence. You’ll have to obey the household rules and that may mean missing out on some of the experiences university life brings. However, you will have a good quality of living, all the mod cons and save yourself a fortune. You will also have fewer problems with your Internet connection, unless you have a big family who are all trying to get online at the same time. Still, you could always just ask your folks to improve their broadband package and chip in to help with the extra costs.

Renting Student Accommodation

The final option is to rent independently or with other students. You will have all the freedom you want providing you stick to the tenancy agreement. You have so much more control but there are additional expenses.  You can split the cost by finding other students to share your accommodation. Splitting affordable TV Packages and broadband works out very cheaply so you will still be able to get online and watch decent television while making the most of the freedom you gain by living independently. Again, ensure you have a decent package with fast speeds as sharing bandwidth with your housemates could slow down your Internet significantly if you don’t have a decent package.  Just look around for good deals and try to find accommodation that is designed for students, it will be much cheaper compared with private rentals.


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