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Five steps to improve self-discipline

russelzaman September 25, 2019

Do you consider yourself a person with good self-discipline? If you know you have talent and have done a lot of work, but you are having poor results, maybe you lack self-discipline and you should really read this article. We will talk about some steps to develop this important quality. No matter how much talent… Continue Reading »


The Schooling in Traveling

prolog January 28, 2017

Our children’s education is critically important. We make sure to prioritize lots of their educational endeavors over even our simplest daily life responsibilities to make sure they are getting a wholesome and proper education. Education is key to their development. Education is key to opening doors and ensuring a fruitful future. We make sure they… Continue Reading »


5 Tips for Single Moms Going Through Nursing School

russelzaman December 27, 2013

No matter if you are going to University of Cincinnati, or some other advanced nursing program – it can be incredibly challenging to balance your personal life with school. As a new mom, it can be even more challenging. While you want to go to school and provide your child with a comfortable life, you also… Continue Reading »


How Children of Veterans Can Succeed

prolog December 18, 2013

Military dependents often face academic challenges due to their upbringing as children of service members. The frequent relocation of military children often leads to anxiety, cognitive disabilities, and exclusion from extracurricular activities. This makes continuing on to higher education a challenging endeavor for many military dependents. Fortunately, there are ways children of veterans can overcome… Continue Reading »

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