The operators of local activities with journeys in the territory have the need to provide their staff with instruments capable of guaranteeing the possibility of reporting their presence at work and allowing them to request rapid replacements if impediments of various kinds require it.

The structures that can resort to the management of work shifts in cloud are of multiple types …

  • Pharmacies
  • Call center
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Cooperatives and cleaning companies
  • Public entities
  • Supervisory bodies
  • Banks
  • Museums
  • Chain stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Production companies
  • Transport company
  • Journalistic editors

These facilities can dispose of their own staff in one location as distributed over various locations, as well as providing that their employees move to the area with the need to report their activities remotely.

Cloud work shifts management

Thanks to the Cloud Work Shiftplanning software, it is possible for the assigned persons to recalculate the associated commitments in real time and even update the hours bank with the progressives to check at any time the current status of the total number of hours. The hall managers and planners generally possible to produce specific shifts according to the desired qualifications of those available and the needs of each operator (for example, account for health reasons or personal associate insiders), simulate and compare independently different scenarios to check their availability.

These applications obviously allow the management of external personnel (such as temporary workers and agency staff) to report the entire workforce and verify the assignment of tasks in real time.

Through a common access via browser, you can use the cloud work shift program as if it were physically present on your company machines, to properly plan work shifts starting from both the Law and internal organizational rules, and ensure a correct and timely information to your employees.

Naturally, integration with time and attendance software allows the creation of a single flow of data at the base of the pay slip processing, with significant reductions in time and effort for administrators.

The advantages of cloud shift management

Thanks to the software of time schedule maker to create and assign workloads in the greatest possible autonomy and to be safe from the risks arising from possible uncovered positions, set activity is repetitive that out of the ordinary.

What are the advantages offered by the work shift management solution?

  • A concrete, effective and secure saving thanks to the reduction in start-up costs, technical management and preparation costs
  • Immediate insertion of shifts
  • Master data managed by a single application composed of several coordinated modules, each intended for a specific function of personnel management
  • View real-time data relating to the operational management of the work and report the management choices made through convenient reports
  • Obtain a single and complete data flow to proceed with the processing of the coupons starting from the attendance data
  • Reduce the chances of error by means of a more correct and punctual model of assigning tasks and verifying the variations introduced
  • Reduce trade union conflicts through clear reporting of assigned shift plans

The work shift program, allows you to process the shift matrices starting from the constraints entered and the preset rules, in order to assign the optimal number of employees to each time slot. Optimal daily management of shifts taking into account user profiles, types of shifts that can be set and for keeping records of changes made.