How many times has it happened to you walking with your child in the babywearing that tell you: “but does it not suffocate you, lady?” “But isn’t he a little dazed?” “Why don’t you let him down in a stroller and let him free to move?” he seems so forced … These are some of the many phrases that I heard myself saying bringing my children to the wing.

To these various mothers should be made to understand that the baby carrier is certainly not a convenient tool for the mother only but also for the child. And not only because it is in contact with an adult dear to him, but also because it is beneficial for baby’s development.

Bringing is the first form of fitness for your baby: it allows him to better develop his body, to learn to coordinate himself in order to balance himself, helps him to counteract the annoying effects of bad digestion and relieves the pain of colic.

Babywearing or Rebozo develop a better knowledge of their body, are more sensitive and vigilant towards external stimuli, they learn from an early age what happens and what needs to be done to adapt to the movement of the wearer: they push the legs, they pull up the neck trying to “adjust” on the adult’s body to snuggle comfortably. Motor skills are thus well solicited.

In this way, they also download the body energy in a natural way and gradually, without those shots that characterize the child who is so still in the cradle.

In the child kept in constant contact with the body of the bearer, an energy field is created between the two and the excess of energy can be discharged for both with the mother’s activity alone. The newborn can therefore remain relaxed, free from the accumulation of tensions and its extra energy flows into the mother. We compares all this to western children, who are very little worn, and how they stiffen, kick, arch or contract in an attempt to feel relief from an annoying accumulation of energy.

Carrying using baby carriers (only the ergonomic ones, please!) Can help the healthy development of the hips and counter mild forms of dysplasia.

In these supports, also the position of the back is correct, as the natural curvature of the growing column is respected.

The baby carrier is certainly a very comfortable support, practical and useful since the birth of our child: it is however necessary to follow specific indications to bring our little ones to safety. The analysis of the market in this field is more complex: there are no certain numbers on the distribution, it is difficult to categorize the baby carrier and in addition, there is an important second-hand market and of non-traceable producers that should not be forgotten.