Teaching kids to wrap gifts can be quite a challenge at first. They often use too much of your wrapping materials, inadequately measure paper and more. However, if you treat wrapping like an arts and crafts project and teach kids to wrap carefully, they can learn this important, useful skill. Here are 5 fun tips to help kids learn to wrap gifts for holidays, special occasions and for friends and family.

  1. Gift Wrapping The best and easiest way for a kid to wrap a gift is to use a gift bag. Teach them this wrapping tip first as a simple go-to method to wrapping that requires minimal skill or experience. They can select a bag at the store that they like or they can even decorate their own plain bag to make the wrapping experience more fun and personalized. Teach them to cover the gift in tissue paper and add additional paper for a festive look.
  2. Teach kids to wrap clothing or soft gifts simply and easily with a candy wrap method. They should roll the item, such as a shirt, into a tube shape. They can then roll a length of tissue or wrapping paper around the clothing item. Next, the simply take two pieces or ribbon to tie off each end, creating a gift that looks like a piece of candy! Kids can master this technique quickly, plus it looks unique and festive!
  3. Another important tip for kids to learn about wrapping is to use minimal tape and paper. This step is often very tough for kids who instinctively try to use as much tape as possible to make up for their lack of wrapping experience and skills. Teach them to fold in all four corners individually and seal each with one small piece of tape.
  4. Show your kids how to make DIY nametags if you don’t have any already. They can use folder labels, stickers, folded wrapping paper or just a permanent black market. Help them to get creative and use items that you already have on hand to make the project simpler and more affordable.
  5. Finally, another fun way to wrap is to use unconventional materials! This is a great way to recycle or avoid having to buy tons of expensive wrapping paper. You can wrap gifts in newspaper, fabric or cloth, colored construction paper, comics, aluminum foil and more. You kids can think outside of the box to come up with other original ways to wrap gifts that will be surprising to the recipient and fun for them to wrap!

While teaching kids to wrap may seem overwhelming at first, it can be done if you make the project fun and exciting! Think outside the box and allow your kids to use their imagination and creativity for unique, wonderful gift presentations. While they are having fun with paper, ribbons, and name tags, you will be able to show them the technical practice of wrapping so they don’t wipe you out of supplies and so that the gift looks well put together and neat.

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