Many people do not know it but there is a path to follow in the SPAs. It is not an obligation but in your wellness holidays, it can be really useful to know it. Start at the turkish bath, then revenue in the Finnish sauna switching to showers that leverage the power of color therapy.

The path to follow in the umidade continues with the ice cascades, the Scottish shower, the chromotherapy pool, the hiking paths and the kneipp. Let’s go in now in detail! We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

What is the path to the SPAs to follow?

Turkish bath

Going to a SPA and not relaxing in a Turkish bath is almost an affront! At least that is not a health reason for you, then you absolutely have to start your trip to the SPAs here. With its temperature around 45°C and 100% humidity, it is able to favor the dilation of pores and the consequent elimination of toxins. It cleanses, but it also improves blood flow. But why should you just start by the Turkish bath? Simply because the 10 minutes you spend here will relax so much body and mind that you will be able to fully enjoy all the other treatments! Before going to the sauna, however, give yourself a fresh shower and a rest in the relaxation area for 15 minutes, drinking an herbal tea. Visit Waxing in NYC to get best care of waxing.

Finnish sauna

10 minutes of Finnish sauna, here the environment is dry and the temperature reaches 90°C. Psychophysical well-being is promoted. It cleanses the skin, strengthens the immune system and improves oxygenation of blood vessels. It is often recommended to those suffering from rheumatic pain but all in all this is the second step of the path within the Umid Zone in the best SPA Hotels! We understand that everyone does not appreciate these temperatures, so the Finnish sauna can be replaced by a bio sauna, where temperatures do not exceed 50°C and maximum humidity of 65%.

Treat yourself again a fresh shower, 15 minutes of relaxation, and picking up an herbal tea to replenish the liquids before continuing with the next step!

Emotional showers

Less well known of the two previous treatments among those who are not used to attending SPAs. At the same time, incredibly appreciated by those who periodically decide to give themselves a wellness path in the wet area. The benefits it offers are in fact closely linked to the sauna and steam bath. If water is the key element of the treatment, aromas and colors help make it even more magical. It alleviates stress and cleanses the mind. The purpose is just to give nice emotions, which replace the stress and nervousness that we accumulate.

Ice waterfall

The ice cascade is an environment that evokes the freshness of Nordic environments. After the hot sauna and Turkish bath to cool off in this setting is a real treat! An equipment produces icy flakes and places them in a container from which you can tap. The effect is the toning effect.

Scottish shower

This treatment in practice offers benefits by changing the water temperature. The heat rush brings from a jet of 26°C to one of 40°C. Stimulate the tissues, making them more toned and elastic. The Scottish shower is highly appreciated by those who suffer from water retention and cellulite, while avoiding those who suffer from heart problems.

Swimming pool with chromotherapy

Each color has a mood and psychophysical associated. While on the one hand the pool itself is a symbol of well-being, colors do nothing but boost this. Blue calms and relaxes, red stimulates the body and mind, yellow concentrates, green fights insomnia, purple favors concentration and orange stimulates metabolism.

Hydromassage paths

In a path to the respected SPAs, we can certainly not miss the whirlpool, perhaps one of the most popular stages. The hydromassage paths allow you to cross jets of water that point to different body parts. Exercise an intense and pleasant massage that counteracts the excess of adipe and liquids, nourishes and tonifies.

Kneipp path

The Kneipp path similar to the Scottish shower utilizes the water temperature by providing a vascular temperature. It goes from hot water tanks to cold water tanks.

Note to the reader: if you suffer from any illness or have any health problems, always ask your doctor if you can go to the SPA without any problems or limitations!

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