A GU10 LED is basically the retrofit base of a halogen lamp. An existing halogen lamp can be used to install an LED light, provided that the base is replaced with a GU10. The base has two feet-like protrusions. Replacing a halogen lamp base with a GU10 base makes the light more energy efficient and longer lasting. Although it may cost you to replace your existing halogen lamp with a GU10 base and an LED light bulb, the return on your investment is quick, as LED light bulbs last an average of 17 years when used on a daily basis for 8 hours. Their counterparts do not last this long, therefore making them more expensive, having to buy replacement bulbs every few months or so. Here are some key points to consider when buying a GU10 LED bulb.

Colour Temperature

GU10 lights come in two colour temperatures: cool white and warm white. Each type of colour temperature is best suited in different areas. Cool white LED lights are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. This is due to the warmth and cosiness they emit, allowing people to be in a relaxed setting. Cool white LED lights, on the other hand, are much brighter, and they are best suited for offices, bathrooms and anywhere else bright lights are required.

Light Beam Angle

There are narrow and wide beam angles in GU10 lamps. Narrow beam angles provide a focus on one area or object in a room, while a wide beam angle’s light is more scattered. It is considered the better choice because of its wider coverage.


Many people confuse GU10s with MR16s. One way to distinguish the difference between the two is how differently they fit because the bulbs themselves look very similar. A bulb that needs to be pushed and twisted in place is a GU10 bulb, while an MR16 bulb is one that fits right in the base when pushed in. Another way to tell if a base is a GU10 base is the prongs. They look like 2 feet, with the base of the prongs wider than their bodies. You cannot fit a GU10 bulb in an MR16 fitting.


GU10 bulbs come in different sizes, so it is imperative to determine the right size of the lamp base to make sure that the new light will fit into the lamp. Most halogen lamps do not leave ample space for larger bulbs to fit, so you have to be particular about the size of the GU10 bulb you are about to purchase.

Equivalent Wattage

The lumen rating of a bulb tells how bright the light emitted is. The higher the rating means the brighter the light. When replacing a halogen bulb with a GU10 bulb, you should look for the equivalent wattage of the original non-LED bulb. GU10 bulbs are designed to replace specific wattages of incandescent and halogen bulbs.


Image: Pixabay.com