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Mask of gelatin and coal for the face – The best mask for deep cleansing of pores

russelzaman June 25, 2018

An unusual, popular, very effective mask for the face gelatin-coal belongs to the category of mask-film, which forms on the face of a thin, but very strong film.

It does not allow air and active oxygen to interfere with the cellular processes that under it occur under the influence of gelatin and activated charcoal.

Those who care about the skin of the face, we want to ask to pay special attention to washing cosmetics and the harm it can cause. First of all, it concerns shampoos, gels for washing, balms, liquid soap.

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Effect mask for the face from gelatin and coal

What is the expected effect of a facial mask made of gelatin and activated charcoal prepared at home? Each of its components conducts its work in the purification and rejuvenation of the face:

1. Gelatin:

  • Natural collagen in the gelatin is perfectly absorbed by the cells of the skin and begins to work there, making the skin more elastic, young and taut: hence the rejuvenating effect of this mask;
  • The protein from which gelatin is composed of 85%, participates in the majority of metabolic processes occurring in skin cells, normalizing their work;
  • Gelatin levels the surface of the epidermis;
  • Exfoliates from its surface dead, no longer working cells;
  • Refreshes and tones up the skin.

2. Activated charcoal:

  • Dries out the skin;
  • Pulls together the pores;
  • Splits the contaminants that form the black plugs in the pores;
  • Calms the inflamed skin, and the result is a decrease in the number of pimples and acne;
  • Smoothest the skin relief;
  • Provides the skin with a deep cleansing from contamination.

3. Milk:

  • Has a wonderful whitening effect: eliminates unhealthy face redness, yellowness, and excessive pigmentation;
  • Perfectly rejuvenates: even in ancient times, beauties washed their milk, knowing about its young abilities;
  • Softens some aggressive substances in the composition of gelatin and coal;
  • Makes the skin unusually soft and silky.

Each of these ingredients has a beneficial effect on the skin in its own way, and in the complex effect, they simply give the skin a new life. That is why the mask of activated charcoal and gelatin has such a tremendous effect. Keep reading

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