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RAISING DISRESPECTFUL CHILDREN IN A SMART WAY: The smartest things parents can do in their parenthood..!!.

russelzaman December 2, 2013

I made him learn how to maintain discipline and keep silence; he says,” Dad FINGER ON YOUR LIPS”. The disrespectful behavior of a kid is always a big reason of worry for any parent. It is just like the hardest thing a parent can resist and tackle smartly. This disrespect can many a times turn parents highly frustrated and make them feel guilt of their parenthood. But as the saying goes, “If there is a way to get in; there is always a way to come out.” So, there are quite effective artifices which a parent can follow whilst raising such disrespectful children. Let us have a heartfelt and soul imprinted discussion on how to raise a disrespectful child in a clever manner.

RAISING DISRESPECTFUL CHILDREN IN A SMART WAY RAISING DISRESPECTFUL CHILDREN IN A SMART WAY: The smartest things parents can do in their parenthood..!!.Reason behind disrespect:

“Before trying for any solution; it is always a smart task to find out the reason behind the problem.” It is a smart parent’s job to evaluate what are the actual reasons behind the disrespectful behavior and manage things accordingly.

It is like your early teenage girl wants to enjoy night party with her friends; she is restricted from doing so and she starts raising her voice, stomping her feet and misbehaving with you to hear a YES from your side. Here, she does not realize that she is misbehaving or it is like she is not doing intentionally to hurt you, but intentionally to get your permission for the late night get together. In such case, make your kid understand that with such acts she is backfiring and digging hole for herself.

Many times it also happen that adolescent fails to express self emotion and thoughts in a neat way is adhered by the demon of insolence. As a smart parent you must remember the saying, “To be in your kid memory tomorrow, you just stay involved in his life today. “ Being a close friend to your child might short down the problem of his disrespectful behavior; when he would be expressing his thought level and mind status in a clean manner.

The Concept of Consequences:

“This is the time you can hit the nail at the right head; else it would turn things worse for you.” Make your rude child understand that such behaviors wont encourage good time in his future, make him actually learn that NO ONE LOVES A BAD BOY. Learning the concept of consequences and giving effective consequences are two most important things a parent of teenage or mischievous child must entertain seriously.

Consequences are something which is faced by everyone in lifetime. So it is supremely crucial to make your child get an insight to this concept and understand how to behave today to get a better tomorrow. One more wise thing to withhold in your parenthood care is, “ Learn saying NO to your kid now, so that his future life won’t come up with much of NOs to him.” Try following the concept of your forefather, “Children are to be seen; not to be heard.”

Smart Actions on the disrespectful behavior of your child:
It is true, “A parent can only give good advice and make him embark on the right train. But following the advice, proceeding or de-embarking from the right track or the actual forming of a person’s character solely lies on himself.” But there is no harm in being engaged with smart actions to help your child avoid rudeness and accept well manners and attitude. Here are few points which can be followed by parents to act smartly on the disrespectful behavior of your child.

  • Be calm to your child, no matter how frustrated or angry you feel from inside. Try teaching in a polite manner how such behavior can create problems in his life if not controlled.
  • Do not do too much for your child. Keep a check, if your excessive love and care is not making him extravagantly demanding.
  • Try giving your child examples on bad results of disrespecting attitudes from others’ life. Also present stories of good results embracing kids who strictly say NO to such rude behaviors.
  • Try getting involved in your kid’s world, and be a good friend to him to whom he can discuss his actual problem anytime he feels to go for a discussion.
  • Present a positive reinforcement to your child when he is behaving respectfully and encourage smartly following this behavior every time.

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