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Spruce Up Your Rideshare Vehicle

prolog March 1, 2017

It isn’t easy running a rideshare business, but there are small perks you can offer to riders to make sure that they enjoy the experience. Make sure that your passengers are safe and comfortable, and they will leave you glowing reviews. That way, you jump to the head of the queue in your preferred rideshare app.


To make sure that your passengers feel safe, make sure that your seat belts are all operable. You can’t have parts of the seat belt stuck under the seat cushions. Bonus points if you carry a child’s seat somewhere in the vehicle, so those with younger children at least have the option of riding with you. You also want to make sure that any necessary little repairs are taken care of, from your rear view mirror to tire pressure.


Helping passengers feel comfortable involves quite a few different aspects. While of course your personality and demeanor go a long way in establishing a safe space for passengers to ride in, you also need to help set the mood of the entire car. You can place funny little bobbleheads on the dash to make them laugh, or stock the place with gorgeous flowers from 1-800-flowers to give them a beautiful scent during the ride. Your riders will love your attention to detail. You can also make sure that your ride has all of the water bottles and tissues that a passenger might need during a ride.


Your riders will really appreciate your thoughtfulness if you go to the effort of keeping the place stocked with fresh flowers, water bottles, and tissue. Small things like this make a huge difference in the experience of a rider, and can be so influential in how your profile reviews end up panning out.


If you really want to make sure that your rideshare vehicle is well-received by riders, make sure you pay a little attention to their experience. Make sure the ride is safe, but also one that is enjoyable for riders, and you will find yourself with more positive reviews and a much easier time during each ride as well.


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