When you have a teenager at home, there is a good chance they are going to want to learn how to drive when the chance comes up.

With that being the case, will you be ready to turn the keys over to them to drive?

For many parents, this can be a tough time in their lives.

On one hand, they want their teen to learn how to be safe behind the wheel. On the flip side, there is anxiety to know your teen will be out there with other drivers on a regular basis.

So, how will you go about teaching your teen the keys to driving safety?

Emphasize Safe Driving Habits

In driving safety for teenagers, your teen is one of many young ones heading out on the road for the first time. As such, you want to give them as much education and support possible. By doing so, they are less likely to find themselves in an accident.

So, where are some areas of safe driving habits that you should drive home?

Among some top ones:

1. Focus – Above all else, your teen should always have focus on the road ahead of them. Unfortunately, teens can with ease become distracted by a myriad of things. If distractions (see more below) become the norm, danger will be waiting around the next turn. Emphasize again and again to your teen that he or she always has to focus whenever behind the wheel. The time for fun with friends, usage of a cell phone etc. can come later.

2. Distractions – It can be easy for teens or older adults to get distracted when out on the roads. From other drivers to texting and more, lost focus in a vehicle can end with deadly consequences. Some distractions are a cell phone, radio or CD player, eating, applying makeup, and even trying to read. Always make sure your teen knows he or she can’t do two things at once when behind the wheel.

3. Road rage – As many adults can tell their teenagers, road rage is something that is all too common on America’s roads. When this happens, drivers and passengers are both put at risk. If your teen is mad because someone is tailgating them, driving too slow, or cuts them off, avoid reacting. Not only is it dangerous from a driving standpoint, but it can lead to a possible altercation too.

4. Examples – Last, set a good example for your teen when they are in the vehicle with you. Many teens look to their parents as role models. If your teen sees you acting out behind the wheel, he or she may think it is suitable for them to do so too. Whether out in the family vehicle for work or fun, be a good role model for your young one/s.

Is Their Vehicle in Good Working Order?

Whether you let your teen use a family vehicle once they have a license or they get their own, make sure it is safe.

Have the vehicle checked from top to bottom before they ever get behind the wheel.

The key is to look for any deficiencies that can increase the chances of an accident. From tires having proper inflation to all parts working, you want them in a vehicle that is as safe as can be.

Last, remind them that they are responsible for maintaining vehicle safety over time. No, that doesn’t mean they have to pay for all the bills. That said they should fill the tires, know when to take the vehicle in for oil changes, be alert to bad brakes and more.

By having your teen be responsible for vehicle maintenance, he or she will be a better driver.