There are areas at home like the bathroom that will surely get wet all the time. You want to use the right kind of floor so that even if the area is constantly wet, the floor will last for a long time. Here are some of the best flooring options for wet areas.


  • Porcelain tiles. They are perfect for showers, pools, and bathrooms. They can withstand intense water. The absorption rate is around 0.5%. They also look great as they come in different designs. They are a bit costly though, so you have to be financially prepared if you are choosing this option.
  • Ceramic tiles. They are even more expensive depending on your choice of design and the size of the tiles. However, they are superior when it comes to water resistance. The only problem is that the grouted seams in between the tiles are not water resistant. This is the key factor why ceramic tiles can still absorb water. The same thing is true for porcelain tiles.
  • Sheet vinyl. If you want an option that is 100% waterproof, this is the choice for you. There are no seams that allow water penetration. If any, it is negligible.
  • Luxury Vinyl. This comes in long plank strips. The parts are so tightly sealed that water cannot penetrate at all. Therefore, luxury vinyl is also a popular choice for wet areas. It also comes in tons of designs for you to choose from. You can also try waterproof laminate, as this option works even better.

What to avoid

Any of the choices above are great. Some others are fair enough while the options below are to be avoided at all costs.

  • Solid hardwood. This is a big no. it can easily absorb water, weakening it in the process. It also does not work in areas like the basement. Once the hardwood floor has been flooded with water, it is close to impossible to save it. You can still do some repairs, but the flooring won’t look good anymore.
  • Carpets. Obviously, carpeting is not water resistant. When it gets wet, it does not dry out easily. As such, mildew and mould could grow. In general, it is highly advised to just avoid carpets. Besides, even if they look great, the design might be ruined once the carpet is wet.

You have to be very wise in choosing the right floor for wet areas. You are spending a lot of money to improve your home. You want everything to look great. Of course, you also want the flooring to last for a long time. Spending money for installation plus more for maintenance is not very practical.