Wedding Hair: A Side Bun without Severity

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and all brides want to look their best. This means not only finding the perfect gown but also choosing the right hairstyle to ensure you look truly stunning when you walk up the aisle.

There are all kinds of wedding hair designs for prospective brides to choose from, but the side bun is one of the most elegant. Some brides may think this particular look is too severe, but actually the side bun can be just as soft and beautiful as other styles. They can be messy, loose, or sleek, depending on how you want them, and even better, you can take the opportunity to adorn your side bun with beautiful wedding hair accessories guaranteed to make your hair sparkle.

Another great benefit of the side bun is that it keeps your hair out of your face, while drawing attention to the contours of your jaw and cheekbones. They are also surprisingly versatile, and can involve sinuous plaits and twists that create a very appealing spectacle. Just check out various bridal hair web sites and you will come across all kinds of side buns guaranteed to give you plenty of inspiration for your own wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Hair


Once your chosen side bun is in place, it’s time to adorn it. You can dust your side bun with glitter to create a very subtle shimmer. Alternatively you can stud it with lots of delicate little silver clips, to make it sparkle every time you turn your head. Or you can opt for a much more ostentatious clip or bejewelled hair comb to really make you stand out and draw all eyes towards your beautiful bridal hair.

However you choose to wear it, or decorate it, your wedding side bun is guaranteed to make you look the very image of a blushing and beautiful fairytale bride! With so many variations available however many brides end up turning to the internet, seeking inspiration from sites like Style and the Bride and others.

Now you know just how you want to wear your hair, you can relax and enjoy planning other aspects of your special day, assured in the knowledge that your bridal hair style is going to turn heads and dazzle your lucky groom.