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Why Should You Encourage Your Child To Have An Active Childhood?

prolog December 7, 2013

With the holidays coming up and the media always prompting parents to do more to combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, we explore how parents everywhere can help their children get the physical exercise they need, whatever their age. And there’s even an opportunity to be a bit of a big kid yourself!

The Benefits of an Active Childhood

As you will have experienced yourself, regular physical exercise certainly has its plus points and encouraging activity for just an hour or so a day in the early years of your child’s life can ensure a happy and healthy adult with both the physical, mental and emotional strength to succeed in all areas of their lives.

Regular physical exercise ensures that your child maintains a healthy weight as well as encouraging the development of strong muscles and bones. In addition to the physical benefits, children who exercise regularly benefit from improved self-confidence, which will certainly come in handy during their teenage years and beyond. As well as the mental and physical advantages of leading an active life, you can also discover the simpler things in life and there are many activities that can be enjoyed as a family, meaning more quality time and lots of fun all round.

Recommended Activity Levels for All the Family

There are certain guidelines on how much exercise certain age groups should get on a daily and weekly basis. Children aged 5 years and under should do at least 3 hours of exercise every day, which may sound like a lot but those visits to the park and learning how to ride a bike soon add up, and instil the skills and values that children at this early stage can take into adult life. Young people on the other hand, aged between 5 and 18 years of age, should be aiming for 60 minutes of exercise per day, which is easily accomplished during school hours but should also be encouraged outside of school with activities for the whole family.

It is recommended that adults aged 19 and over and older people aged 65 years and over should partake in 2 and a half hours of exercise every week, so aim to satisfy family members of all ages by scheduling in regular activities.

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